The annual AHR exhibition in the United States ended smoothly on January 24, 2024


ZFT Group is once again participating in this important event and has the opportunity to discuss new technologies and products for HVAC with senior industry experts from around the world.


AHR in the United States is one of the top events in the global HVAC and refrigeration industry, attracting nearly 1600+exhibitors and nearly 100000 professional visitors annually.


At this exhibition, the new brand "SeinfelTM" of ZFT Group made its debut.


In order to adapt to the company's business development plan, ZFT Group has invested in the existing water filtration brand Jeffel ® And filter material brand Cofon ® On the basis of this, we officially launched a new air filtration brand - SeinfelTM.


SeinfelTM carries the innovative concept and technological strength of ZFT Group, and is committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly air filtration solutions to meet the diverse needs of the global market.


Commercial buildings/public buildings play a crucial role in society, and according to research, indoor air pollution levels may be up to five times higher than outdoor levels.


A good air purification and ventilation system is essential to prevent cross infection and improve the air quality and comfort of the building environment.


At this exhibition, ZFT Group brought various filtration grade products and technical solutions for building air purification systems, including initial efficiency bag filters, initial efficiency layout filters, V-bank filters, medium efficiency fiberglass filters, medium efficiency chemical fiber filters, high-efficiency filters, liquid tank filters, HVAC filtration materials, etc. We have had in-depth exchanges with customers and partners from around the world, jointly exploring industry development trends and future cooperation opportunities, and have gained a lot.


At the same time, in order to better serve global customers, ZFT Group has established a global production and sales network. Its manufacturing bases will be distributed in Cambodia, China, Malaysia, and other places, and sales offices will be set up in the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Germany, France, and China. In addition, we established our Singapore company FILTERPRO DEVELOPMENT PTE.LTD., in 2023, responsible for providing services and expanding our global business.


The 2024 Chicago American HVAC and Refrigeration Show (AHR) has laid a solid foundation for further expanding ZFT's global business. In the future, Chaohui will continue to launch more high-quality products and services, providing efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly air ventilation and purification solutions for global users.

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