2023 FiltXPO and 2023 AAPEX concluded successfully

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In the season of crisp autumn and fruitful harvests, Zhaohui Company has also gained a lot. Zhaohui participated in two influential exhibitions held in the United States - the 2023 American International Filtration and Separation Technology Equipment Exhibition (FiltXPO) and the 2023 Las Vegas International Auto Parts and After-Service Expo (AAPEX). Both exhibitions are important events in their respective fields, attracting industry elites and experts from around the world.


2023 American International Filtration and Separation Technology Equipment Exhibition (FiltXPO)

The American International Filtration and Separation Technology Equipment Exhibition is the only professional filtration and separation exhibition in the United States. The exhibition is hosted by the National Nonwoven Association. As a leading exhibition in the global filtration industry, FiltXPO brings together high-quality filtration products and solutions from all over the world. plan. Kofer Materials, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhaohui , has attracted a large number of visitors' attention and consultation for its high-performance melt-blown materials, PTFE materials, and fiberglass materials.


PTFE material is a star product of Cofer Company. It is stable and efficient, has low resistance, good discount performance and high temperature resistance. This material is widely used in filter devices such as industrial dust collectors, clean rooms, clean tables, and sterile operating rooms.

Cover's melt-blown materials feature high porosity, low resistance, high filtration efficiency and advanced post-processing technology. This material has excellent filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity, and can effectively filter particulate matter such as bacteria and viruses in the air. It is widely used in filter components in masks, air purifiers, household and commercial vacuum cleaners and other fields.

Fiberglass material is another high-performance filter material from Cofer Company, which has the properties of high efficiency, low resistance, high strength, and high waterproofing . This material is widely used in clean rooms, clean benches, industrial filtration, electronics factories, military equipment, medical and health care, scientific research units and other fields.


In addition, Cofer's absorbent paper has high strength and excellent water absorption properties. Widely used in humidifiers, medical equipment air filters and other fields.


At the 2023 FiltXPO exhibition, Cofer's booth attracted the attention of many visitors. The company's professionals introduced the performance characteristics and application fields of various materials in detail, and demonstrated samples and practical application cases of various materials on site. Visitors and customers expressed their appreciation and recognition for Cofer's products and services, and expressed their willingness for further cooperation.


 2023 Las Vegas International Auto Parts and After-Service Expo (AAPEX)

AAPEX is hosted by the American Automotive Repair and Service Industry Association, the Automobile and Equipment Manufacturers Association, and the Automobile Parts Association. It is a grand event for the global auto parts industry and showcases the latest auto parts and maintenance technologies.


Zhaohui displayed cabin filters, air filters, and oil filters at this exhibition, and brought the company's independently developed filter materials.


"Clean the environment, create a green future, and return water and air to their original clean, pure and fresh state" is Zhaohui's consistent pursuit.


In order to protect the interior environment of the car and make driving and riding comfortable, we ensure the quality of the filter by checking every level from R&D to manufacturing.

Each filter is strictly manufactured through more than 20 processes. From the performance comparison test of more than 10 different types of original materials, the most suitable material ratio for the filter is selected, and after different processing, compounding and other processes, it is formed. The main filter material of the filter.


We guarantee product quality and we establish international experimental testing equipment. The T OPAS PAF112 automotive cabin filter testing system was introduced, which can detect n-butane, toluene, sulfur dioxide SO2 and other gases. The products comply with ISO11155-2, DIN71460-2 and GB/T 32085.2 standards.







In the two exhibitions, Zhaohui conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation discussions with customers and partners from around the world. Its products and technologies have been widely recognized and praised. In the future, Zhaohui will continue to be committed to R&D and innovation, provide more high-quality products and services, and promote the development of the global filtration industry.

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