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Care about your enterprise

Carefully monitor every single production line, and respect to every product.

  • Enterprise vitality

    HR policy


    All employees are trained under our “Back to Nature” culture. We constantly work to improve ourselves, improve working environment, and improve our products. ZFT employees are always learning and always make our company and world better. We have completely training course for leadership, team works, and case study.

  • New recruitment training:

    ZFT has elite program and special training camp to for new recruited managers. We train our new manager to be respective, determinate, and honest. We also teach our new employees company value, company culture, and our product knowledge. We do our best to help each new member to join our family.

  • Extend training:

    We have special training for school recruited new employee. We help our new people to fit in, and teach knowledge in the job position. All our ZFT members are work for a better environment.

  • Job specialty training:

    We have unique training course for each job position to improve our employee best suitable in their post.

  • Leadership training:

    We invite third training party for leadership training to our managers.

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  • 120,000 m^2
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